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Where do I get my Salem State Username?



A student ID is generated when you apply to the university to be a full time student, when you take a course as a non-matriculated or a non-credit student, or you took a course or attended years ago. The User ID is made up of 2 parts. These are the letter s and the student ID number associated with your record.

To find your student ID, go to: Navigator Login

Click on "What's my User ID?" and choose Student/Applicant. Then fill out the form being careful to include all information as requested.

The User ID (S and student ID) can be used to log into, Navigator, WiFi, Email, Canvas.

TIP: Your student ID may no longer be active in the system. Contact the Navigation Center if you can't reset your password, tel. 978.542.8000.

NOTE: Student ID numbers are computer generated.

Change your Navigator password, click here


The SSU username for faculty and staff id first initial of first name and full last name up to 14 characters, If the username has been assigned to another the next number in sequence is added to the username. Contractors (ctr_), volunteers (vol_), and students (stu_) the usually username is preceded by the first 3 letters of the employee category followed by a dash and the usermane.


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