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Upgrading Your Meal Plan with GET


You can now upgrade your meal plan using the GET website and mobile app. Please log in to using your standard Navigator information. When you look at the quick links on the right (for the website) or click on “Funds” (for the app), you will be able to click on “Upgrade Meal Plan”.

How to Upgrade Meal Plan 1


You can then select from any new plan that is an upgrade to your current plan from the drop down menu:

How to Upgrade Meal Plan 2


Once you submit your request you will see that your plan has been updated. This will be completed immediately and you can begin using your new plan right away. You will see an adjustment to your bill within 3 business days.

Upgrade Success


If you are already on the highest plan, or otherwise unable to upgrade your plan, you will see an error message:

Upgrade Failure


If you have any questions about changing your meal plan or changed your plan in error please contact the ClipperCard office as soon as you can: or 978-542-2273.


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