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Can I talk to someone confidentially about an incidence of harassment and violence?

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Reporting an incidence of harassment and/or violence

Frequently Asked Question

Can I talk to someone confidentially about an incidence of harassment and violence?


Confidential Reporting Options: Clergy, Pastoral Counselors, Licensed Medical and Mental Health Providers.

One may report sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and/or retaliation in confidence to licensed mental health counselors, licensed health care personnel, pastoral counselors or clergy who work for the Universities. Employees may also report such misconduct in strict confidence through the EAP. Except in rare, extreme circumstances, these individuals will share nothing without one's permission. For example, a University official who works as a clinical provider is legally required to break confidentiality when there appears to be a risk of immediate harm. Also, the University may be required to notify the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families if it receives a report regarding the abuse (including sexual assault) of a child.

Salem State University’s On-Campus Confidential Reporting Options:

Counseling and Health Services
Ellison Campus Center 107
978.542.6410 or 978.542.6413 

The PEAR Program
24/7 Confidential PEAR Advocate: 978.594.7089
Program Coordinator: Jessica Stevens, 978.542.2987 

Spiritual Life: Rev. Laura Biddle
Ellison Campus Center Room 219

Confidential Reporting for Employees

AllOne Health: 1.800.451.1834