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How to get a 1098t form

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This is how you can get your 1098t online


Students wishing to obtain their 1098t from online must follow these step by step instructions.

If you are opting in for the first time:

Go to

Enter the Site ID: 10007

User Name: Salem State Student ID – Include S (if this doesn't work, enter Salem State ID without the S)

Password: Last 4 digits of your SSN

For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password. Enter your old password (last four digits of your SSN) and then enter a new password.  The new password must be 7 characters and contain at least one digit.

Once you have entered your new password, you will be presented with the online consent form. Read the Online Consent Form for the requirements and specifications.  If you agree, click on “Consent”.  Once you consent, you will not be mailed future 1098-T forms and must return to the site each year between January 27 and January 31 to view/print a copy of your 1098-T form. Your electronic consent will then allow you to view and print prior years, the year 2018 and future years. 


If you believe you have already used this site before:

Go to

Enter Site ID: 10007    User Name: SSU ID    Password:  Your previously created password

If you have forgotten your password, by clicking on "Forgot Password" a generic password will be sent to the email address you provided when opting in to receive the 1098 T form electronically. Use this temporary password to then create a new password for yourself.  Keep your password somewhere safe for future use. 

If you do not receive an email with a temporary password go back to and follow the instructions from above about opting in for the first time.