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What can I expect after reporting an incident?

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Reporting an incident of violence or harassment

Frequently Asked Question

What can I expect after reporting an incident?


The university will follow the internal investigation complaint procedures. To every extent possible, the report will be kept private and only those who need to be informed will be informed and only as much information as they need will be shared. The university will provide the involved parties with applicable on and off campus support resources and interim protective measures.

Examples of interim protective measures:

  • "no contact/communication" orders;
  • escorts to ensure safety while moving between locations on campus;
  • changes in academic or work schedules;
  • statutorily-provided leave to employees, such as Domestic Violence Leave pursuant to M.G.L. c. 49, 52D;
  • alternative housing, dining and/or office accommodations;
  • restrictions from areas of campus;
  • medical and/or mental health services;
  • assistance in identifying an advocate to help secure additional assistance, such as off campus and community advocacy, support services and/or;
  • academic accommodations, such as:
    • transferring to another section of a course, lecture or lab;
    • rescheduling an academic assignment or test;
    • arranging for incompletes, a leave of absence, or withdrawal from campus; and
    • preserving eligibility for academic, athletic, or other scholarships, financial aid, internships, study abroad, or foreign student visas.

The process of participating in an investigation can be emotional. Involved parties will be encouraged to take advantage of on and off campus support services and interim measures. For more information on what to expect after making a report, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator Siobhain Feeney at sfeeney@salemstate.eduor 978.542.2985.