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What is the shuttle service?

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the shuttle service?


Shuttle Services

The Salem State University Police Department works to manage multiple shuttle services for students, faculty, and guests of Salem State University.

Viking Shuttle Service

The Viking Shuttle will operate under a new schedule with expanded routes this year. There will be two separate routes that will allow for three additional stops designed to expand the service to the School of Social Work and the O’Keefe Athletic Complex. The first route, Meier/Peabody Route, will service the same stops as previous years. The second route, Social Work/O’Keefe will service South Campus, Central Campus, School of Social Work and O’Keefe Complex.

It is important to note that both routes do not service all stops. Central Campus will serve as a transfer point to link the two routes. The schedules for each route have been designed to allow for transfer between routes to get students to their desired location. A detailed schedule will be posted online and at each stop either at the bus shelter or within the building serviced by the stop. All questions or concerns related to the Viking Shuttle should be directed to


Meier/Peabody Route - Stop Locations

Social Work/O’Keefe Complex Route - Stop Locations

Central Campus

Central Campus

Horace Mann- Drop Off and Pick Up only

Horace Mann - Drop Off and Pick Up only

Meier Hall

School of Social Work - Lafayette Street

Peabody Hall

O’Keefe Complex

South Campus - Harrington Building

Canal Street Parking Lot


South Campus- Harrington Building


Student Run Shuttle (Passenger Vans)

The Student Shuttle-Viking Van Service will operate on a schedule utilizing timed departures from designated stops. The service will no longer operate on-demand service via phone requests and there will be no dispatcher answering the Student Shuttle phone line. Service to Market Basket has been expanded to include runs on both Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. The final pick-up at Market Basket will be at 9:22 pm on those days. As in previous years the service will provide transportation between campuses and to Vinnin Square and downtown Salem during weekdays. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the service includes stops at the North Shore Mall and Liberty Tree Mall. See a detailed schedule of the student-run shuttle. It is important to note that the posted times are when the van will depart from the stop. All questions or concerns should be directed to